Cyberhawk an invited panelist at WEB3IOT conference in Edinburgh

19 May 2015

Cyberhawk’s CEO, Craig Roberts, has been invited to be a panelist at an Internet technology event in Edinburgh this month. WEB3IOT, which takes place at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation on Friday 29th May, is a multidisciplinary conference about connected devices, with an emphasis on civilian applications.


The event brings together experts and marketing specialists in a host of internet related fields from drone technology to smart devices, and aims to explore which ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technologies look set to have the greatest impact on consumers, business, industry and the environment. The subsequent social, legal, economic, environmental and political factors arising from such technologies will also be a focus.


Craig, who will join the panel session on UAVs/drones, said: “Panelists from across a range of sectors including oil and gas, agriculture, conservation and logistics, will bring an interesting variety and range of insights to the conference. This is an opportunity to promote Cyberhawk’s rigorous inspection and surveying services, and in particular our innovative solution for delivering user-friendly information via the cloud, through a service platform we’ve developed called ‘iHawk’. I’m looking forward to being involved in discussions around the future of UAVs.”