Cyberhawk completes first ever ROAV oil and gas inspection in West Africa

24 Mar 2015

Global leader in remote industrial inspections and surveys, Cyberhawk Innovations, has achieved another world first with the completion of a Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (ROAV) live flare inspection in West Africa. Cyberhawk conducted a number of live flare inspections for an oil and gas super-major in Nigeria during December 2014. This new world first, which was two years in planning, reinforces the company’s position as world leader in the field of ROAV inspections, having previously completed firsts in industrial inspection using ROAVs for the oil and gas industry in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Cyberhawk’s two-man field team, comprising an inspection engineer and a pilot, inspected five live assets for the client in less than a week. Alternative methods of inspection such as rope access or scaffolding would have taken months to complete and require a complete shutdown of the facility. The ROAV technology, which allows for the inspection of flare stacks and tips while they are live, avoided the need for a complete plant shutdown and saved the client more than $US11 million.


The detailed inspection reports completed by Cyberhawk’s plant inspector and flare experts provided the facility with the information they required to fully plan and prepare flare tip replacement and repair work during the next planned turnaround.


Cyberhawk’s CEO, Craig Roberts, said: “The oil industry across the world is quickly realising the huge cost and safety benefits offered by ROAV technology, and Cyberhawk is delighted to be pioneering the field. This project in Nigeria required significant planning, and saved the client considerable sums of money, an aspect which is more welcome than ever in the current climate.”


Cyberhawk is the world leader in industrial inspection and survey using ROAVs, having created the ROAV inspection industry by achieving over 25 world firsts since 2008, including the first ever ROAV industrial inspection. Combining ROAVs, highly skilled pilots and engineering expertise, the company provides close visual and thermal inspections of hard to reach and live structures, in a manner that is quicker, safer and more cost effective than ever before. Cyberhawk has completed projects for the “big six” Energy companies in the UK and all six Oil and Gas supermajors, conducting inspections and surveys on electricity networks, power stations, oil and gas facilities and wind farms throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Africa.