Cyberhawk featured in ReNews following a recent met mast inspection for Forewind

29 Apr 2014

Cyberhawk have been featured in ReNews following the successful inspection of two meteorological masts at Dogger Bank for Forewind:

"Industrial inspection contractor Cyberhawk has used a remote-controlled camera drone to inspect Forewind’s two meteorological masts in the Dogger Bank offshore wind zone more than 130km from the UK coast.

The remotely operated aerial vehicle (ROAV), which weighs around 2kg, was operated by a two-man crew on a nearby vessel.

The ROAV was flown to the masts, which are the furthest offshore of any in the UK, by a dedicated ‘pilot’ while an inspection engineer controlled the camera and took photos and video of the lattice towers and platforms of both masts.

Forewind Operations and Safety Manager Nachaat Tahmaz said the technique reduced the health and safety risks associated with transferring to the platform from a vessel, or climbing up the towers to work at height.

The high-definition images were assessed to inspect the structure of the lattice tower, evaluate the bolt connections and review the overall state of the masts, which have been in place since February last year, to prepare a maintenance trip."

Cyberhawk’s met mast inspection compliments a range of other innovative services for the renewables sector including wind turbine blade, tower, transition piece and transformer platform inspections.