“Lucky to be Alive”: How Our Quick-Thinking Team Rescued Kayaker Lost at Sea

10 Mar 2022

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.No matter which field you work in or how experienced you are, preparing for even the most unexpected

Cyberhawk Talks: Breaking the Bias

08 Mar 2022

At any given second, while you’re awake, your brain can consciously process 40 separate pieces of information.That might sound impressive, but compared to

Emergency Response: How Cyberhawk Helped Turn Lights Back on After Storm

01 Mar 2022

All around the world, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly severe and more frequent.In the UK, within a window as short as the last three

Wildfire Prevention Technology: Can Drones Make the Difference?

17 Feb 2022

There were 50,477 in 2019. 58,950 in 2020. And 58,985 in 2021.Those figures refer to the number of wildfires that took place in each respective year and

The Value of Digital Construction Monitoring

15 Feb 2022

Digital construction monitoring is an innovative and extremely valuable way to maintain full visibility of the progress made, quality of the work being

Power Grid Failure: Can Drones Save a Damaged Network?

27 Jan 2022

If you were to take all U.S. transmission and distribution lines and put them end to end, you would have enough material to stretch around the

Site Tourism: Not Just a Day Out of the Office

25 Jan 2022

For office workers, a day outside amongst peers and equipment, can offer an exciting alternative to four walls and LED lighting. From a managerial

Blade Master: How Cyberhawk Inspected Griffin Wind Farm in Record Time

11 Jan 2022

Cyberhawk recently carried out internal blade inspections at Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire. Spread across 6km, we assessed 61 turbines, each with three

How Cyberhawk Help Power Grid Operators Mitigate Wildfire & Outage Risks

08 Dec 2021

There are nearly seven million miles of transmission and distribution lines stretch across the U.S. which, for the most part, are decades old. In the U.S.

Cyberhawk Show Utility Giant the Future of Power Grid Maintenance With iHawk

07 Dec 2021

Utility companies face increasing pressure from regulators seeking to protect consumers from escalating costs. This general trend in the industry places