Training our drone pilots to undertake successful power grid inspections

30 Jul 2020

In this blog, our CEO, Chris Fleming, looks at everything it takes to ensure that when it comes to drone inspection, Cyberhawk can always offer the

Planning a complex inspection campaign of your power grid?

23 Jul 2020


In this blog, we consider how Cyberhawk’s rigorous approach to planning and a raft of well-developed operational procedures help to mitigate

Reducing the cost of ‘clashing’ on major capital projects

13 Jul 2020


Today we look at how data visualization can help reduce project costs and increase productivity in the energy and construction sectors.


22 Jun 2020

Cyberhawk, the global leader in drone-based inspection and creator of iHawk, a cloud-based asset visualization software, announced today that it has

Cyberhawk celebrate another astonishing year of success

14 May 2020

Cyberhawk is celebrating another astonishing year. With an average annual revenue growth of 34%, Cyberhawk has achieved another year of growth and

Cyberhawk plant 150 trees for the big climate fightback

03 Dec 2019

As part of our on-going commitment to the environment, the Cyberhawk team and extended family hosted a tree-planting party to contribute to the

Turn uncategorized inspection data into actionable information

12 Nov 2019

Join Martin Campbell today at EPRI's Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Electric Utilities Workshop who will be discussing "Turn Terabytes of uncategorized

Meet The Team: Benacci Palloto

08 Nov 2019

This morning we interview Benacci Palloto, our newest UAS pilot to join the USA Operations Team.

A New Revolution: A Pragmatic Approach to Blade Intelligence & Health

22 Oct 2019

As seen in Wind Energy Network magazine.


As turbines continue to deliver a greater percentage energy generation capacity, a pragmatic approach to

Unlock Efficiency & Productivity By Digitising the Construction Site

16 Oct 2019

Join Marc Whitton, Business Development Manager - Europe, at Cyberhawk, tomorrow at Digital Construction Week who will be discussing the topic "Unlock