Cyberhawk team up with Intelligent Energy

03 May 2023

Cyberhawk™ team up with Intelligent Energy to launch BVLOS operations using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Meet Duncan Jamieson, whose work brings clients' data to life through iHawk

07 Dec 2022

Visualisation & Geospatial Manager Duncan Jamieson works across Cyberhawk’s global team and plays a vital role in bringing clients’ data to life through

Eyes in the sky: Responding to oil spills with drone technology as part of your emergency response plan

23 Nov 2022

Drone technology within the oil and gas sector is not a new phenomenon: it’s been used to conduct inspections and surveys on offshore assets for many

Cyberhawk announces 63% revenue growth following international expansion success

27 Oct 2022

Cyberhawk, a global leader in drone inspection services and data visualisation software, has grown its revenue by 63% - from $13.5m to $22m - as part of a

Cyberhawk™ and Azure Integrity combine expertise to leverage iHawk™ Software in Australia

07 Sep 2022

Cyberhawk has entered an agreement with aerial data acquisition specialists, Azure Integrity, to offer an end-to-end inspection solution for the power

Effectively scaling power grid inspection services

01 Aug 2022

Power grid operators adopt a variety of inspection techniques to maintain a safe and reliable electricity network.

Drone inspections support ground crews

Cyberhawk pledges ESG commitments in new report

25 Jul 2022

As Cyberhawk continues to grow, we are focused on bolstering our responsibility as a business to always act ethically and operate in a safe and

How can Cyberhawk help you to achieve your ESG goals?

14 Jun 2022

Asset owners are adopting technology to protect people, assets, and the environment and Cyberhawk work with all customers to achieve these common goals. 

“Lucky to be Alive”: How Our Quick-Thinking Team Rescued Kayaker Lost at Sea

10 Mar 2022

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.No matter which field you work in or how experienced you are, preparing for even the most unexpected

Team iHawk Spreads its Wings

20 Jul 2021

The last twelve months have heralded a period of growth for all of us at Cyberhawk. We’ve seen our market share increase, our international presence