Cyberhawk achieves worlds first offshore met-mast inspection using ROAVs

25 Nov 2013

Cyberhawk has once again proven its status as the world leader in remote inspection by achieving the worlds first inspection of an offshore met-mast using a Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (ROAV).

The inspection was successfully completed despite a 250m exclusion zone around the mast due to worries about its structural condition.   Cyberhawk conducted the inspection with a two man team operating from a supply vessel. The team collected hundreds of high definition images of the mast and completed a detailed report on its structural condition. This allowed the client to gain a valuable assessment of an otherwise unreachable asset. The ROAV inspection saved the client hundreds of thousands of pounds, as a jack-up was not subsequently needed.

Cyberhawk’s met mast inspection compliments a range of other innovative services for the renewables sector including wind turbine blade, tower, transition piece and transformer platform inspections.