Cyberhawk and Azure Integrity combine expertise to leverage iHawk Software in Australia

07 Sep 2022

Cyberhawk has entered an agreement with aerial data acquisition specialists, Azure Integrity, to offer an end-to-end inspection solution for the power

Effectively scaling power grid inspection services

01 Aug 2022

Power grid operators adopt a variety of inspection techniques to maintain a safe and reliable electricity network.

Drone inspections support ground crews

Cyberhawk pledges ESG commitments in new report

25 Jul 2022

As Cyberhawk continues to grow, we are focused on bolstering our responsibility as a business to always act ethically and operate in a safe and

How can Cyberhawk help you to achieve your ESG goals?

14 Jun 2022

Asset owners are adopting technology to protect people, assets, and the environment and Cyberhawk work with all customers to achieve these common goals. 

Cyberhawk Wins public safety award for POWER GRID INSPECTION AND WILDFIRE PREVENTION

27 May 2022


Cyberhawk has been recognised for public safety at this year’s Airwards, the global drone awards. The accolade was received in acknowledgement of the

Cyberhawk and Shamal Technologies deploy Visual Intelligence to transform major capital projects in Saudi Arabia

23 May 2022

Cyberhawk has signed an agreement with Shamal Technologies to digitally transform the way major construction projects are managed in the Kingdom of Saudi

Life as a Drone Pilot: Introducing Taz

11 May 2022

At Cyberhawk we’ve performed over 100,000 commercial flights since 2008. What better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to one of our high-flyers? 

Reaching New Heights: The Rise of Drone-based Inspections in Oil & Gas

07 Apr 2022

The use of drone technology for inspecting offshore oil and gas assets has grown massively over the last decade and is predicted by Research and Markets

Drones and Visual Data: The Key to Wildfire Mitigation?

29 Mar 2022

Over the last 18 months, we've seen an alarming increase in the number and severity of wildfires taking place. Not limited to just one pocket of the

3D Mesh Models: Changing the Face of Offshore Asset Maintenance

16 Mar 2022

As far as asset management goes, offshore inspection is arguably our most challenging job. Not only is it costly and time-consuming, there’s also the