Blade Master: How Cyberhawk Inspected Griffin Wind Farm in Record Time

11 Jan 2022

Cyberhawk recently carried out internal blade inspections at Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire. Spread across 6km, we assessed 61 turbines, each with

How Cyberhawk Help Power Grid Operators Mitigate Wildfire & Outage Risks

08 Dec 2021

There are nearly seven million miles of transmission and distribution lines stretch across the U.S. which, for the most part, are decades old. In the

Cyberhawk Show Utility Giant the Future of Power Grid Maintenance With iHawk

07 Dec 2021

Utility companies face increasing pressure from regulators seeking to protect consumers from escalating costs. This general trend in the industry

Meet Sasha: Our Inspection Engineer On Adventure's Trail

02 Dec 2021

For those that know Sasha, it would perhaps seem inevitable that he would end up in a role such as the one he occupies at Cyberhawk. Raised on clean

Cyberhawk Sail Through Offshore Platform Inspection in North Sea

29 Nov 2021

A Cyberhawk team was deployed to The North Sea to complete an inspection of a monumental offshore platform. The scope of work included a complete

Cyberhawk Partner With Thrive and ClimatePartner to Develop Ambitious ESG Strategy Based on Data

23 Nov 2021

Cyberhawk are thrilled to announce that we have enlisted the services of two distinguished operators within the climate action and ESG sectors. Each

COP26: Is Drone Inspection and Data Visualisation the Key to Wildfire Prevention?

10 Nov 2021


Over the last 18 months, we have seen an alarming increase in the number and severity of wildfires taking place. Not limited to just one pocket of

COP26: How We Helped Provider Keep the Lights On & Reduce Environmental Impact

03 Nov 2021

Renowned as a pioneer within the power industry, SSEN Transmission is no stranger to new ideas or innovation. That’s why, when we say that they utilize

Meet Cathy: Our HSEQ Manager With the World on Her Mind

29 Oct 2021

In this edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we get to know HSEQ manager Cathy Legrand and find out why she chose to join the Cyberhawk family and

What is Visual Data?

21 Oct 2021

Unlike machines, humans struggle with large quantities of rich, diverse data. The sheer amount can be overwhelming, insights can be hard to ascertain